Friday, February 10, 2012


Hey Guys:

I, where to start.  Realizing that people may attach significance to the order and the slightest thing, bear in mind that as with most of how I view myself, there is no particular order to how I define myself...

I am... a writer, a husband, a father, a son, a brother...

I am... a wanderer, a mystic, and yet despite both, a man firmly anchored in my time and place.

I am... a consultant, a lover of books and music, a fan of good writing and well played music and well executed art.

I am... a former college athlete gone to seed, a poet, expert in a few things, knowledgeable about a lot of varied, almost random things.

I am... interested in politics and the interplay of political and economic theory, intensely partisan, both in politics and in my interests in sports and culture, curious about what might be around the next bend in the highway, literally and figuratively.

Buckle up, it might be bumpy along the way, but if I deign to write about it, I will endeavor to make it interesting should you choose to join me for the ride.